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I used to pull my hair out, wondering if I should hire a private detective to catch my partner in the act. My gut feeling told me something was wrong, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I noticed that she was insisting that I go out with my friends and have fun, while she "played" on the computer.

I used only 2 of your strategies, and carefully laid the traps. She walked RIGHT into the traps, and I caught my fiancée having an online affair within 24 hours! I'm so glad I bought your manual.

David Blackstone - Boston, MA - USA

Dear Friend,

   If you have a gut feeling that your partner might be cheating on you, but you can't prove it, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

   Here's what this is all about...

   My name is Mike Silver, and if you suspect that your lover might be cheating on you, then what I'm about to tell you will both shock and delight you. Aren't you sick of it? The long hours of going back and forth in your mind... wondering where your your partner is... wondering if they are telling you the truth about what they've been doing when you're not home. It's enough to make you insane!

   You don't have to put up with it anymore! You're about to learn the well guarded secrets of the world's top Private Detectives for infidelity and adultery. These are the pro's who get paid thousands of dollars to find out the truth, and most importantly, get PROOF.

And their clients are people just like you and me...

  • People who are sick and tired of not knowing the truth!

  • People who don't appreciate being lied to!

  • People who know they deserve better than being treated like this!

   If you're reading this letter, then you've waited long enough to find out the truth, and now it's time. The good news is... I've personally assembled a team of the world's most elite Private Detectives and practically forced them to cough up their most closely guarded insider's secrets to catching someone who is cheating.

   It wasn't easy. They didn't want to give up these industry secrets. They're just too powerful!

   The result is a new underground training manual that is shocking the world and astonishing readers everywhere. Now you can use these simple methods to easily find out the truth about your lover, and finally get proof that they can't possibly dispute.

   Here's what you'll learn when you get your hands on this powerful manual right now...

  • The 3 Simple Steps you must take before you catch your cheating lover. (Ignore these, and you're virtually guaranteed to never find out the truth!)
  • Revealed: Secret techniques that the best private detectives unleash to find out the truth right away. WARNING: These techniques are so powerful that your partner might actually be angry that you came to them with such devastating evidence that they can't cover up with lies!
  • The 6 core needs your partner is trying to fulfill with someone else, and why ignoring these is a surefire way to get cheated on. Explains what they probably aren't getting, and why once you understand them, the erotic rewards are yours for the taking!
  • How to use the Pyramid Of Cheating to instantly discover just how far the affair has gone. (This special Private Detective's power tool is easy to use, and will reveal where you partner is really at in their level of commitment.)
  • Use this "nuclear powered" communication weapon to crank up their guilt so high, they'll be scrambling to end their affair. (It always works, no matter how tough they are, or how long they've been cheating.)
  • A dead giveaway that will let you know if you're the type of person who will be cheated on again and again. (It's not what you think, and handling this problem is like getting a guaranteed insurance policy against cheating.)
  • A simple technique you can begin using right now to instantly become more interesting to your spouse (and insanely irresistible to every other member of the opposite sex!)
  • The one "silent decision" that every cheater makes, and how you can avoid having them make it about you. This is so subtle that even your partner doesn't know they made this decision, and yet it happens in every single case of cheating.
  • The most common mistake that causes their partner to instantly start thinking about finding someone else. Do this, and your relationship is doomed to failure.
  • Revealed: The hidden cause of 90% of all affairs, and how to use it to transform your relationship into the passionate love affair it once was. It's not what you think, and knowing this has an almost magical power to make your partner to see you as the best thing that's ever happened to them!
  • The 4 hidden causes of infidelity. Just knowing these will allow you to catch your partner in the act almost effortlessly.
  • How one of the biggest causes of infidelity is right under your nose, and could still be affecting your partner. Here's how you can stop it right in it's tracks!
  • The biggest "Island Of Temptation" that makes your spouse want to cheat, and how YOU can use it to beat them at their own game.
  • Revealed: Why your partner actually thinks it's their RIGHT to cheat on you, and how you can stop them in their tracks by proving them wrong. (They'll never see you the same way again!)
  • The 7 biggest excuses that cheating partners tell themselves to make it okay (in their mind), and how you put a stop to it once and for all.
  • The biggest, most obvious sign that your partner is cheating. Chances are you're ignoring this completely. Once you open your eyes, you'll be amazed at how you missed this one for so long.
  • A dead giveaway that your partner is the type of person who cheats (no matter who they're with). When they do this, they're handing you the evidence on a sliver platter! (This secret has been used by the world's top psychologists and police interrogators to discover the truth about people.)
  • You'll be blown away when you find out the secret tactic cheating spouses love to use to deceive you into thinking everything is "okay". Be prepared for a shock!
  • How your spouse is actually using your adrenaline against you to make it okay for them to cheat! (Most people fall for this trap without realizing what hit them, but you'll be ready next time they try to pull this stunt.)
  • The killer move that your partner will use against you to help them lie to you better. Once you read this part, you'll be shocked at how often your partner has done this to you.
  • The best booby trap you can set for them that they'll never suspect, and couldn't do anything about even if they knew!
  • What to do after your spouse admits to you that they've been cheating (and they will once you use this surefire plan).
  • The one HUGE mistake people make when they finally get the evidence of their spouse cheating. (If you do this, you'll completely blow your chances of catching them!)
  • Surefire techniques that are proven to gather all the evidence you need to finally prove that they're having an affair, and how to nail them with it in a way that will finally expose their dishonesty!
  • The 4 things you MUST do before you confront them. (Ignoring this is a guaranteed way to find yourself in a really tight spot, and your cheating spouse will end up dictating the terms to you... even if you're right!)
  • What to do if you discover your spouse is NOT having an affair. Here's the best way to handle this situation, and transform your relationship into something magical, and move past the pain to make things better than they were before.
  • How to make your partner see you as the ultimate catch. (They'll regret ever looking outside of the relationship and you'll be transformed into an instant hero in their eyes.)
  • Exactly what to do when your relationship can't be fixed, and it's time to break up. A step-by-step plan for moving through this process quickly and painlessly.
  • The one question you MUST ask your partner about their affair. (It's not what you think, and ignoring this is a surefire way to make sure they cheat again.)
  • The one big lie your partner is telling them self that makes it possible for them to cheat in the first place. (Explains how to disarm this lie and make them question what they're doing... all without them even being aware that you're onto them.)
  • How to recognize a budding affair right in the beginning and put a stop to it without your partner ever knowing that you're aware of what's going on.
  • What to do if you confront your partner, and they say "It was an accident".
  • What to do when your partner won't answer your questions about the affair.
  • What to do if your partner says "But we're not married", and tries to use that as an excuse for having the affair. (Don't laugh, when you catch someone in the act, they'll use almost any excuse. It's good to be prepared, just in case they pull this one.)

Isn't It Time To Finally Get Proof?

   There's no reason for you to put up with feeling neglected, and emotionally (as well as physically) abandoned. You will be in a much more powerful position when you finally get rock solid proof that your partner is cheating. There's no way they can explain away your proof, because you'll have a mountain of it in just a matter of days.

   The truth is... you deserve to be with someone who's going to honor and respect the commitment they made to you. By finding out the truth once and for all, you can set yourself free and finally get rid of that knot in your stomach that comes from knowing about... but not being able to prove what's going on.

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Mike Silver

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P.P.S. - This is not one of those situations where you can just say, "I hope it gets better", and then do nothing. You have to take action if you want things to change. Don't worry, it's so easy to use these secrets to catch your partner. They'll never suspect what's going on... until you confront them with a pile of incontrovertible evidence!

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